Pot-A-Flower Workshop with Poppy & Super Farmers

I hardly ever get to spend any one-on-one time with Adam so when we were invited to the Pot-A-Flower workshop by Poppy Floral Studio and Super Farmers, I knew we would have so much fun attending the workshop together.

We began by preparing the pot for our Pot-A-Flower project. Adam choose a piece of cloth and we stuck the cloth onto the pot by painting Mod Podge all over it. When the pot was done, we left it to dry and Adam picked out the flowers that we were going to use for our little arrangement.

I loved how we were encouraged to arrange the flowers in a natural and free manner like a little garden in a pot. In fact I left Adam to do most of the sticking in of the flowers and leaves, and with some help from the Poppy people, we had ourselves a lovely arrangement!

I thoroughly enjoyed that time of bonding with Adam and it was interesting to watch him working on his arrangement. He was very particular about the flowers that he wanted and was really conscientious about sticking them into the pot in a certain way. I’m glad we had that time together working on something beautiful.

There are 3 sessions of Pot-A-Flower workshops that you can sign up for to end the June holidays with a fun-filled time of craft and flowers. You get to spend a meaningful 2 hours with your child and bring home a floral arrangement to brighten up the home!

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