Monthly Archives: July 2016

Ear-Piercing Milestone!

It’s been quiet on the blog because of technical issues (read: my computer is acting up!) but I wanted to remember this particular milestone. I’ve been trying to get Anya to pierce her ears for some time now but her answer has always been ‘Let me think about it.’

Now that she’s in school and sees that many of her friends have pierced ears, she’s the one that has been bugging me to take her to pierce her ears. We finally got around to it when we had some time on the last weekend of June.

I took her to Stellar at B1 of Raffles City (just outside the supermarket checkout) and she picked the earring design she wanted. The lady marked out the position for the ear holes, got me to approveĀ the placement, then sanitised Anya’s earlobes. After spraying some numbing solution on the earlobe, she used a disposable cartridge to pierce Anya’s ears one at a time. While there was some anxiety on her face, Anya didn’t scream or cry so that was better than I expected.

We were given some ear piercing care gel to take home with us and told to apply it once a day after her bath and the lady demonstrated how to apply the gel with a cotton bud. Anya even got a certificate with her name and the date stating that she’s a brave Stellar girl. She’s so pleased with her pierced ears and the whole process was fuss-free and I’m glad we got it done.


getting her earlobes sanitised


a spritz of the numbing spray


here we go!


the anguish on her face