Kids’ Room IKEA Makeover


When the two older kids were in kindergarten, their bedroom looked like this. They each had a KRITTER Bed Frame with the VYSSA SKÖNT Mattress for Junior Bed. The guard rails at the side were perfect for making sure they didn’t roll out of bed at night.

At a corner of the room, we had a TROFAST Frame with some TROFAST Storage Boxes that the kids would dump their odds and ends into. But we didn’t factor in any space for them to do any writing or drawing and that would usually be done on the dining table or coffee table outside. The room was relatively spacious but the kids didn’t spend much time in their room except when it was time for bed.


Before: two little beds side by side


Before: globes and a plant on some pull-out boxes


Before: nothing much in front except for the shelf


Now that the oldest is in Primary school, we needed to make some space in the bedroom for a work area. So we got rid of the junior beds (one was moved into another room for the baby, another was given away) and we bought the KURA Reversible Bed with MALFORS Foam Mattress instead.

The kids were delighted because they had been asking for a bunk bed for the longest time. We added the KURA Bed Tent with Curtain and just like that, the bed also became a little playhouse for them! Can you spot the HEMMAHOS Cactus Soft Toy on the top bunk?

We also added two MOSSLANDA Picture Ledges on the chalkboard wall so that we could have more books visibly displayed in the room to get the kids interested and encourage the kids to ask for them.


After: bunk bed that doubles up as play area


After: keeping books visible encourages reading

After clearing the necessary floor space, we still had to find a proper table for Anya. We didn’t want to get a kid’s table that had to be replaced after a few years so we bought the FLISAT Children’s Desk that is extendable to three different heights (53, 62 and 72 cm) as the child grows. The desktop can be tilted to help vary their work posture while the groove in the desk prevents pens and other smaller items from falling down when the desktop is tilted.

What I especially like about the FLISAT Children’s Desk is the holder that fits the MÅLA Drawing Paper Roll perfectly. The slats underneath the desk also holds TROFAST Storage Boxes so the kids have extra storage for all their things. For the moment, we are using MAMMUT Chairs and will progress to other types of chairs as the kids grow. To ensure the kids can see well, we are using HÅRTE LED Work Lamps because they are so sleek and don’t take up that much space on the table.

After: lots of paper at hand for creativity

Special mention goes to the RÅSKOG Trolley because it really allows for flexibility and mobility in storage! Currently, we have stationery in the top tier, Anya’s school things in the middle and library books in the bottom. We have a habit of borrowing lots of books and forgetting about them so this helps to keep the books out in the open and visible to the kids.

If you look closely at the top tier of the trolley, you’ll be able to see some of the MÅLA range of stationery from IKEA. I love that they are such good value for money. In the trolley we have the MÅLA Stamp Pens (the youngest loves stamping with these), MÅLA Chalks, and MÅLA Gel Ink Pens.


After: trolley allows flexibility and mobility


After: a space for each kid

So.. ta da! This is what we did for the kids’ room and it should last them for some time. It looks a bit messy but we really are messy people and this is truly how the room looks like most of the time. Now I just need to get my act together to makeover the other rooms!

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts from our collaboration with IKEA Singapore. All IKEA products seen in this post are sponsored by IKEA up to a certain amount. All ideas are mine.


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