This is the story of the Wee family: Adrian, Anya, Adam, David & Delphine. This is about faith, family, friends, and very importantly, food. This is how we live, who we love and what we laugh about.

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12 thoughts on “hello

  1. Christine

    Hi Delphine!

    Stumbled accidentally on your blog when I was googling for a mother-child movie =) Great one going in here! Had a nice time reading =)

    Also started my blog a year ago, albeit at a snail pace but I’m trying to pick up on it now that I recently turned stay-at-home mom to my 2 young daughters! =)

    Keep writing!


    1. delphine Post author

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for your kind words. I actually belong to a group of mummy bloggers. The link is somewhere on the right so check us out if you’re interested!

      Your girls are adorable, by the way! :)

  2. bananahwhirl

    i wanna be a mummy blogger when i grow up! (: came a across your blog when i checked out carpenter and cook’s web… i’m glad i did!

  3. Yan

    Hi! Your blog is very nice! Like all your pic.,
    Hey, may I ask you a question? Be coz I will go Singapore with my family on May!And I will go Adventure Cove Waterpark also, do u know may I bring the waterproof camera in there? Be coz that’s my daughter’s time to visit waterpark !
    Thanks so much!
    Best regards,

  4. lynette

    hello, its great to see all your posts about children’s stuffs! I am just wondering if you could recommend good and cute mosquito patches due to the high levels of dengue cases safe for children ‘s use!

  5. Leow Li Quin

    Hi Delphine

    This is Li Quin (from CPDD). Cool blog! I was searching for Mr Men and Little Miss stuff for my son’s impending birthday party and stumbled onto this.
    Also wanted to share. For my school’s retreat this year, we had teachers ask their friends, family, acquaintances, etc about a memorable teacher they had and we received some replies that mentioned you! Some ex-students said some nice things about you being their form teacher. Ha ha just wanted you to know that.
    Peace and carry on with your wonderful blog!


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