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Chinese New Year Day 2

We all went over to my Dua Yee’s place to feast on North Indian food. I had a great time because there were so many helping hands available to take care of the kids.

Anya was in another green dress. Green’s her current favourite colour. I bought this one from ELLY last June to save till CNY because I loved the lantern print. I think I’m going to buy some stuff from their latest range to stock up for next CNY!

Heather, Adam & Anya

attempted to get all the cousins in one pic

Tan siblings (Debs is tiptoeing)

my mum and Adam

Anya & my aunt in the stairwell

the guys

being strange with Selena

being sane with Sharon


Chinese New Year Day 1 Part 2

Our second stop is Adrian’s grandma’s place. We managed to get some family photos taken in the garden. I wish we had a garden for Anya to run around in!


Adrian and Adam

our little family

with Adrian's folks

the in-laws with the kids

the Wee men (minus Kong Kong who was dozing inside)


Chinese New Year Day 1

On the first day of CNY, our first stop is always my grandma’s place. The best part, for me, is the leftover fish maw soup from the previous night’s reunion dinner that we will have for brunch along with chap chye.

Deets in his CNY romper

Anya in her green cheongsam

the both of them

Deets and Xiao Yee Po

Anya and Da Yee Po

Anya with my iPhone

Tan siblings

Deets getting a red packet from Ah Ma

And one from Ah Zou

Reunion Dinner

I’m not crazy about Chinese New Year because of the noisy music and the visiting but I do like reunion dinner. I especially love the fish maw soup and ngoh hiang. We usually join Adrian’s family for reunion dinner at his grandma’s place, but yesterday evening, we also popped by my grandma’s for a bit to see my family. I do miss having reunion dinner with my folks but at least we still have a steamboat dinner to look forward to for chap goh mei!

the spread at my grandma's

my family gathered around the table

food at the Wees

the older folks

Lunar New Year with Mickey Mouse and friends

Mickey Mouse red packets

I think these Mickey Mouse ang pows are super cute! You can print and make these and lots of other lunar new year decorative items on the Disney Junior ‘For Grown Ups’ microsite. Anya really likes the red packets and I’m thinking of printing a matching orange bag for her to tote around. We are not expecting any visitors this year so I haven’t decorated the house but the site has scrolls, lanterns, firecrackers and many craft ideas that can be easily created with a printer!

Rabbits at the Zoo!

We went to the Zoo on Sunday to see the rabbits and to have fun at the water play area! We rented one of the Radio Flyer wagons and it made getting around so easy. Anya wasn’t too keen to sit in it at first but after I showed her how she could stick her cup into the cup holder, she was all for it. :)

rolling with it

floral rabbits

cardboard rabbits

wet & wild!

a real rabbit

rabbit being painted on arm

one more rabbit!

Reflections for Anya’s Twenty-Third Month

You are now 23 months old! Only one month to your 2nd birthday. Can’t believe time has flown by so quickly!

This month, we went on the Flyer and caught The Magic Treetop at the Esplanade. We also went to Sentosa to look at flowers! We visited many friends and relatives during CNY and you got to play with lots of little kids.

You are communicating more now and it’s so nice to be able to understand you. One of your favourite words is ‘big’ and you always exaggerate it and say ‘biiiiiiiiig!’ with your hands stretched out. You can count to 10 without any problem now so we need to work on the numbers that come after that! You have also been singing the ABC song (with quite a bit of bluffing in between). When you mean ‘no’ you say ‘no’, when you mean ‘yes’ you say ‘ohhh…’, when you mean ‘don’t’ you switch to Hokkien and say ‘mai’ and when you mean ‘don’t have’ you say ‘没有’! You’re a strange little one!

You have a good memory and can remember and talk about things that happened some time back. I like that you relate events to the people you were with when the event took place. This month, you kept talking about the play that we watched at Esplanade! I hope the next play makes an impression on you too!

You’re not eating very much proper food this month and it’s so hard to get you to eat sometimes! Your daddy is worried about you losing weight but I think you’ll be fine. You’re definitely taller and heavier so that’s good! You’re also incredibly full of energy and it’s difficult keeping up with you!

on the flyer

shopping at cold storage

requesting to have a photo taken

practising your balance beam moves

with some strange mascot

being attacked by rabbit plant

all ready for CNY!

at sentosa

lo hei!

with sophia during CNY

saying ‘biiiig!’

I thank God for you every day and I love you more with each passing day! I can’t believe you’re already 23 months old and will be 2 years old so soon! But you’ll always be my little baby girl. Thank you for making life so much more beautiful for all of us! Always know that I love you very much and I can’t imagine life without you!