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Gardens by the Bay

Adrian and I went on a date at Gardens by the Bay to celebrate our ten years as a couple. It was the first time there for both of us and we wanted to check it out before bringing the kids there.

I was really looking forward to seeing the conservatories because I’d visited the prototype greenhouses at HortPark two years ago and was quite amazed by the different types of plants growing there.

super trees

We went into Cloud Forest first and was greeted by the 35-metre tall waterfall. Very impressive! I loved the pitcher plants, orchids and the Cloud Walk but didn’t care very much for the display of stalactites and stalagmites in the Crystal Mountain section.

I liked that there was a section about the self-sustainability of Gardens by the Bay. It was interesting to learn that the energy used to cool the air in both conservatories comes from a biomass furnace that burns plant matter obtained from Singapore’s parks and gardens.

waterfall in Cloud Forest

I feel like we’re being watched

pitcher plant

green slipper orchid

I am wearing a garden-themed dress: flowers and butterflies!

Then we headed to Flower Dome and went crazy over the different types of cacti. I think Anya will like the section with the baobabs and bottle trees. I was fascinated by the plants there and was very tempted to touch many of them.

Was also quite amazed by the size of some of the flowers and took some photos using Adrian’s face for scale.

baobab tree

how cool is that twisty cactus on the right??

see the size of the plants relative to the tourists

fascinating plants

Flower Dome at a glance

flower the size of Adrian’s face

huge flowers

flower bed

After a quick bite at Verandah, we had some ice-cream from Seventh Heaven. My lavender ice-cream was quite lovely.

We couldn’t spend as much time as we would have liked to at Gardens by the Bay because we wanted to go back to my mum’s place and see the kids, so our final stop was the OCBC Skyway at the Supertree Grove.

I’m not scared of heights and am generally quite keen on roller-coasters and such but I definitely felt a little nervous on the Skyway! I think it’s because I could see all the way down to the ground and the Skyway was also swaying slightly in the wind. Don’t think Anya would like it very much.

We had a very nice date and we’ll be back again soon with the little ones. There’s still quite a lot of the Gardens that we didn’t manage to see!

on the OCBC Skyway



Went to HortPark on a Learning Journey the other day and they let us into two of the prototype glasshouses that they are using to test building materials, cooling technologies and optimum temperatures and humidity for the Cool Conservatories at the future Gardens by the Bay.

The cool dry conservatory at Gardens by the Bay will have temperatures and humidity similar to the Mediterranean and semi-arid sub-tropical regions while the cool moist conservatory will be similar to tropical montane and cloud forests regions like Mt. Kinabalu and Cameron Highlands.

So exciting! Can’t wait for Gardens by the Bay to open!

stop and smell the flowers

check out the lovely Spanish moss on the tree

the cool dry glasshouses



lily of the nile

look at the pear growing on the tree

inside a cool moist glasshouse

slipper orchid

passion flower growing outside