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Bali Trip: Grocer & Grind

We had brunch at Grocer & Grind on our final day in Bali. The place reminds me a lot of Jones the Grocer. The food was yummy and the coffee was good too. I really enjoyed my sweetcorn hotcake with avocado, bacon, tomato and cottage cheese.

Grocer & Grind

fruits and vegetables


some lemony drink

sweetcorn hotcake

big breakfast

Anya and her turtle bag


Bali Trip: Café Bali

Café Bali is not very originally named and the food is only so-so but I love how it’s done up! The whitewashed wooden interior, mismatched chairs, lacy table cloth, ceiling fans, coloured glass and the crockery all came together to give a whimsical colonial feel. Definitely a place I would enjoy hanging out in if it were in Singapore.



Anya and Adrian

love the little metal cups for sugar

a cool lemon drink

Deets and I


Anya giving Deets a kiss

back to the villa

Bali Trip: Chandi

We had dinner at Chandi, a restaurant serving Pan-Asian cuisine with “a gastronomic twist”. We started with the appetiser tasting which was scallop salad, black pepper crab dumplings, crunchy tofu squares, soft shell crab, beef rendang envelopes, tempe and shots of chilled watermelon soup.  Then we had the ceremonial sate tasting which had skewers of beef short ribs, tenderloin, soft shell crab, scallops, fish, chicken and some vegetables. Dessert was dark and white chocolate fondants, profiteroles with passion fruit sorbet, chocolate mousse and more sorbet. A good dinner!


Deets & Daddy

family photo

Anya and Isabelle

appetiser tasting

ceremonial sate tasting

sambal tasting



Bali Trip: b villa+spa

We were in Bali from Thursday to Sunday and we stayed in b villa+spa. It’s walking distance from food and shopping and quite affordable. The one-bedroom villa we were in was pretty decent but the villa is definitely due for an upgrade because there were clear signs of age. The air con took ages to cool the room and there were mosquitoes. Suitable for those who have a budget to keep to but still want to stay in a villa in a good location. Not really for special occasions like honeymoon/ babymoon etc.

love the VW bus!

lounging area near the entrance to our villa

dining area


direct access to the pool

other end of pool

Anya in her Disney Junior pirate ship


Club Med Bintan

The last time we went to Club Med Bintan was in Dec 2009. This time round, I didn’t bother to take many photos and really just spent the time relaxing. Adrian played golf with his friends, I had a good massage at the spa and Anya had fun at the beach!

Anya on her Trunki making her angry bird face

us on the ferry

Club Med!

the beach

Anya digging to her heart’s content

enjoying her ice-cream