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Little Red Riding Hood Matryoshka

How cute is this set of matryoshka?? It’s perfect for telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood! Too bad it’s not actually for sale.

cute kawaii stuff - Little Red Riding Hood Matryoshka
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Christmas at the Lobos’

I had so much good food to eat this Christmas, especially at the party at Nav’s place. Adrian cooked his yummy mushroom risotto, the Gs brought an awesome ham, ET made an amazing salad that had seafood, avocado and grapes… I ate so well that day! Then G took all the leftover ham, mushrooms, potatoes, etc and conjured up a delicious stew. I also stuffed myself with several macaroons for dessert!

we LOVE Christmas!

Christmas matryoshka

the Santa babies

Deets playing with Isaac's toys

the guys fixing up Anya's kitchen

seafood salad

fruit salad with cheese and cold cuts

so much yummy food

Typo at Wisma Atria

I absolutely love Typo at Wisma Atria! It’s by the Cotton On group and is my favourite type of shop, selling all kinds of quirky little things that you don’t really need but want to have anyway! Adrian calls a shop like this a SOUT (shop of useless things). Hmmph. Whenever I go to Typo, I feel like buying a million things! Strangely though, I haven’t bought a single thing from the shop because I’m afraid that once I start, I won’t be able to stop. They have plenty of matryoshka things and I really want to buy them all!

Bite Me – Wooden Teethers from Etsy

It’s way too early for Adam to start teething but that’s certainly not stopping me from looking at cute teething toys online. Check out these adorable wooden teethers from Little Alouette on Etsy! The teethers are made of locally sourced hardwoods and, if not left unfinished, are finished only with certified organic flax seed oil.

matryoshka teether

moustache teether

skull teether

Threadless Russian Newborn Tee



I bought this cute tee from Threadless because of the matryoshka design and it’s quite a good representation of how I felt after going through a C-section to deliver Adam! But I don’t think he’s a mini version of me although it’s still too early to say for sure who he looks more like.

Matryoshka Madness at fred flare!

I adore fred flare for all the quirky and whimsical things it has for sale. And there are always lots of Russian nesting doll type things that I absolutely have no need for but I want anyway! I bought the Russian Doll Measuring Cups when we were in Melbourne last year and Debs got me the Babushkups Nesting Glasses. I’m now eyeing the Drinkup! Babushka Carafe Set and the Russian Doll Nesting Containers. :)


nesting containers