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Bukit Brown Cemetery

I’ve been wanting to go to Bukit Brown Cemetery for the longest time and was very happy that I was allowed to tag along with a group of RI boys on a field trip there. The Bukit Brown Cemetery visit is part of one of their Geography DMPs (differentiated modules programme) and it was led by Charles and Raymond from API (Asia Paranormal Investigators).

Chinese tombstones are very interesting. By looking at a tombstone, you can tell which part of China the person was from, the names of their children, etc. We saw the grave of Tay Ho Swee and his mother and some other famous pioneers. We also got to see the largest tomb there which belongs to Ong Sam Leong and his wife and it’s supposedly the size of ten 3-room HDB flats. It was quite amazing! There were stone lions, Sikh guards and fairies protecting the tomb and the 24 paragons of filial piety are carved along the sides. There’s also a moat and the area in front of the tombstones is laid with Peranakan tiles. Another very important tomb in Bukit Brown Cemetery is that of LKY’s grandfather.

I really hope they don’t exhume the remains there and build over it anytime soon because it is so significant to Singapore’s history and there’s so much we can learn from the place. So here are some pictures taken at the cemetery.

our guides

silent sentry

fairy guardian

humongous tomb!

paragon of filial piety: feeding breast milk to mother-in-law who couldn’t chew

another Sikh guard

well-guarded tomb

Tay Ho Swee's tomb

singapore polo club is nearby

Jay Chou! Jay Chou! Jay Chou!!! :D

Went to the Jay Chou concert last night and had a great time! I was there with Vonnie and 2 of her friends and we were 15 rows from the front. After the last Jay Chou concert, I resolved to get the most expensive tickets for the next concert. So I did! For the the next concert, I resolve to stay out of trouble with security guards! Haha… Saw many familiar faces including an LJ friend who was in the row behind me (you know who you are!) but didn’t say hi or anything ‘cos I’m actually quite shy about meeting LJ friends IRL. Heh. Anyway, was very excited and happy during the concert except that the man diagonally in front of me had a rather big head. Wasn’t too keen on the songs from his latest album cos I haven’t really listened to it yet but was thrilled when he sang my favourite song 开不了口! Hmm, I wonder if I can force the rest to go to a Jay Chou-themed cafe in Taipei next week… ;)

Von & I

the audience


at the piano

near the end

Little Durian Star!

Am I the only person who thinks that Singapore’s mascot for the World Expo 2010, Little Durian Star, is cute?? It seems like this little fellow has been receiving rather negative comments from Singaporeans and from the international community.

Well, I think he’s infinitely more interesting than China’s mascot Haibao. Or maybe I like Little Durian Star (榴莲小星) so much because he reminds me of my smelly little Anya! Hehe. And hey, this photo of Anya was taken way back in July ’09. Maybe I should claim that she’s the original Little Durian Star and they should pay me some copyright fees or something!

Baby Slings & Carriers!

selena with asher in ergo, me with anya in patapum (with sleeping hood over her head)
I’d been looking for a new baby carrier for a while. With Anya getting heavier everyday, it was getting really hard to carry her in my arms for long periods and the Baby Björn that had served me well for a long time was starting to kill my shoulders. My cousin Selena raved to me about her Ergo baby carrier which she managed to get second-hand from one of those baby forum sites. That woman is really good at finding cheap and good second-hand things!!! I’m nowhere near as resourceful and patient as she is and a new Ergo was a bit too expensive for my liking so I needed other options!

After a bit of Googling, I found Baby Slings & Carriers which has a shop at Square 2 @ Novena so we dropped by. The service there is amazing! I really love it when I go to shops where the owners are the ones selling the products and are clearly passionate about what they are selling. I go mad when I meet sales assistants that tell me silly things like “everything is the same, only the colour and the price are different”! So I got to try on many different carriers and they gave me recommendations based on my needs and pointed out the pros and cons of each carrier. They clearly knew what they were talking about and were very warm and patient. We got a Patapum in the end and now I’m using it very happily! Yay! It distributes the weight to the hips so I can carry Anya for long periods without feeling the strain which is great especially when I’m out alone with her. Anya sits very comfortably in it and usually falls asleep after a while.

Hang on. I had a point to this post. Oh yah, I have a card which gives 10% off another carrier at that shop. It expires 10 Sept so if anyone wants the card, just let me know!

Birthday Party Logistics!

This is mostly for my own reference but some of you may find the info useful too.

Party Location

I decided to use Scrumptious Cafe at Turf City for Anya’s birthday party because it’s relatively near my place. The last time I went to Scrumptious, the food was pretty good as well. I like the play area that they have. It’s big enough so kids can have enough space but small enough so it’s easy to keep an eye on your kid. It’s also more suitable for younger kids unlike some of the other places like Fidgets. Anya definitely had fun playing with the toys and bouncing around on the trampoline.

It was quite difficult trying to secure the place for the party though. They don’t have a website nor an email address listed anywhere. When I called and asked for info on their party packages, the lady who took down my name and email address never got back to me. I had to call again and explain want I wanted all over again to get the info sent to me. After looking at the packages, I decided to just reserve a table instead of getting a specific package because the packages didn’t really suit my needs and I wanted my guests to be able to order whatever they wanted from the menu. Scrumptious was fine with that and even said they would do the birthday deco for me. They also went out of the way to clear a space in their fridge for Anya’s ginormous cake which I thought was very nice of them.

Initially, they wanted to send me the menu and get my guests to pre-order so that they wouldn’t have to wait too long for the food on that day. Then they said the size was manageable and we didn’t need to pre-order. But 2 nights before the party, they sent me the menu and said they had another group reservation for that Saturday and thought it would be better if we pre-ordered. There was something wrong with the menu document they sent me and I replied and said I had problems reading it but they didn’t send me another one. Obviously, I couldn’t get my friends’ orders in advance with such short notice.

On the day itself, we turned up on time but the tables were not arranged and there were no decorations yet. And the deco turned out to be a rather sad string of plastic party flags and a cardboard sign for the entrance. I know it’s good of them to do the deco even though we didn’t get a package but if I’d known that it was going to be so sparse, I would have brought my own deco to add to it. But the most disappointing part was that many, many items on the menu were not available or were sold out and whatever we did manage to order didn’t taste great. We also had to remind them of certain orders that didn’t get delivered to the table. When the bill came, some of the stuff we’d ordered but didn’t get because they were sold out were not taken off the bill so that was a pain as well.

I just feel that they should have been more prepared since they were dealing with the Saturday crowd and two group reservations. After all, there’s a Giant in Turf City, so if they were running low on ingredients, they could have restocked. I’ll probably go back to Scrumptious again just to hang out and let Anya play but won’t entrust another important party to them which is sad because I liked the place. :(

Still, I think the kids had fun and that’s the most important to me. I can’t wait to see the pictures that Joan took!! She’s so nice to come down and take photos for Anya’s party even though she’s so busy. Thanks, babe! I really appreciate it.

Birthday Cake

I got the cake from Smiling Orchid because I wanted something traditional, i.e. a big number ‘1’ without any 3D things on it. The cake was HUGEEEE and we barely made a dent in it!! I ordered vanilla sponge with chocolate chip filling and I thought it was quite nice and the cake was very pretty too!

Party Bag

I didn’t realise how challenging it would be trying to put together a party goody bag for a bunch of under-2s! If you look at all the party favours in the shops, they are for 3 years and above because of small parts! So this was what I come up with in the end:

That little ol’ shop in Holland V that is beside StanChart (or is it HSBC) has a lot of affordable party stuff. I got the bags ($2 for 12) and blowouts ($4 for 12) there. They have nice balloons too and I got one for Anya on her birthday. It’s still floating around my house!! The clappers were quite popular with the kids and those are from Centrepoint. The stuffed toy is just $1.50 and the bath squeeze toy is $9.95 for 4 (the other three being whale, hippo and crocodile). The kids really love the ladybird because it zips around and flips over. Those are $1.90 each from Great World City. The organic raisins are from Rail Mall and cost $7.20 for 18 mini boxes. And of course, the Baby Bites are $2.40 for a box of 24 from any supermarket.

The Book Depository Rocks!!


I looove The Book Depository! They ship free of charge to anywhere in the world and the books come really quickly. I ordered four books on 24 Sept and the first two arrived on 30 Sept with the next two following shortly behind! And even without taking the free shipping into consideration, the books are the same price as, or even cheaper than, on Amazon. I bought the first Booker Prize winner, Something to Answer For, for US$22.96 on The Book Depository. It is US$23.08 on Amazon. Another Booker Prize winner, G, is US$9.48 on TBD vs. US$11.70 on Amazon. I am happy! :D