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Primary 1 Registration for Anya


Phase 2A1

I can’t believe I have a kid going into Primary 1 next year! I know it’s a bit of a cliche to say this, but where did the time go? One moment she’s a squishy, fat baby, and the next moment I have a little girl who reads and writes and makes all sorts of smart ass sarcastic remarks. It truly takes my breath away.

I must admit I was a bit of a slacker about the whole registration process. I put together her birth certificate, our identity cards, her immunisation certificate and my alumni letter, but forgot to make photocopies of the documents. I also thought the alumni letter would be good enough and didn’t know that I might have to produce my report books and/ or PSLE certificate so I turned the house upside down the night before registration to look for those items.

I couldn’t sleep well the night before and even woke the husband up at 2 am (by tickling his feet) thinking that it was already 7 am! Then I woke up a few more times before it was actually time to get up. The husband dropped me at my beloved alma mater then took the kids to school before coming back again to join me. I got to the registration counter before 8 am and was 7th in line for Phase 2A1. While I was filling in the form, I started feeling so emotional thinking about how my daughter’s going to be wearing the same uniform I wore for 10 years, studying in the same campus.. *sniff!*

The lady at the counter was kind and friendly and we bantered for a bit while waiting for my documents to be photocopied. I told her I was surprised by the higher than usual number of spaces taken up at Phase 1 and she agreed that it was definitely more than what the school usually gets at that stage. The whole process went quite smoothly and, since I was so early, I was done very fast.

After the registration, we went to the canteen to eat. I will never cease to be amazed by the fact that I can buy noodles from the same auntie that I bought noodles from on my first day of school in Primary 1. So many warm fuzzy feelings in one morning!

Initially, I wasn’t nervous at all about Primary 1 registration. But when I saw the unusually high numbers for Phase 1 and read about another girls’ school that was likely to have to ballot at Phase 2A1, I starting worrying in earnest. I was on tenterhooks the rest of the day and only felt slightly better when Adrian texted me at 4pm to say that his friend’s wife’s friend was at the school and was number 59 and there was no one else in line. I did not breathe easy until 8 pm that night when the results for 2A1 were announced and we were safe.

To be honest, I would be devastated if my daughter could not attend the same school that her mother/ aunts/ grandaunts/ great-grandmother attended. Thank God her place is confirmed!

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year

I posted this Baby Blues comic strip on New Year’s Day 2012, way before we even expected that we would eventually have three kids. And this is what our family looks like now!

2014 was a pretty great year. Adam started school and got along fine with his friends. He had his first mini performance in school and took it very seriously. I was so proud to see him sing and dance to two short songs with the rest of his class. Anya was featured in Elly’s CNY collection and we were delighted that she got to pose for one of our favourite brands. She also performed in her first school concert at UCC and I’m sure I’ll be crying buckets when it’s her graduation concert this year!

The kids have stretched out quite a bit and Adam looks a lot less babyish now. He also has practically no front teeth after damaging his teeth last year. I still feel sad whenever I see the gaping holes but I know his adult teeth will eventually come in. He stayed in hospital a couple of nights for some bites that got infected and caused his legs to swell up! Anya decided to chop off her lovely long hair and I’m still not used to it but she seems pretty happy with her shorter do.

We welcomed Baby David in January and he’s without a doubt my most difficult baby ever. He doesn’t nap well and he’s generally quite grouchy and fussy. We had to put him in infantcare and he’s doing well there and that’s a load off my mind. He’s a lot more smiley now and on the verge of walking. I’m terribly fond of him and so glad I still have a baby to squish since the other two are growing up so quickly!

We managed to travel a bit this year. We took David and Anya to Ho Chi Minh City, then all three kids to Taipei with the help of my mum and aunt. After that was Deborah’s wedding in Penang in April where Anya was a flower girl for the first time. Adrian and I went to Perth without the kids before I returned to work, then we took the older two to Port Dickson over National Day. We went to Nepal sans kids for our 9th wedding anniversary and then it was just us with all 3 kids in Phuket! Phew!

Blogwise, we have been so lucky to review many different products, services and events! I really enjoy taking the kids to new places and letting them try new experiences, so it’s a real blessing that we sometimes get given stuff and get invited to places and performances. It’s definitely not something I take for granted!

I made four new year’s resolutions at the start of 2014 and kept about 3.5 of them. I took a ukulele crash course, got back in circus arts and I tried very hard to be a good wife and mother. There’s still so much room for improvement though. So for 2015, I want to keep trying to be the best wife and mum that I can be and I think I need to spend less time on my phone and computer! With three kids, I don’t want to make any overambitious resolutions. I want to learn another language and how to crochet but I think we’ll take it one day at a time.

2014 was a really good year for us and I hope that 2015 will continue to be spectacular!