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The Journey – Adam’s Kindergarten Concert

After watching Anya perform 2 years in a row, it was Adam’s turn last Saturday and we attended his kindy performance at UCC. Since he’s just in K1 and it wasn’t his graduation performance, we were quite chill throughout the entire process. Pretty sure it will be a different story when we see him in his little graduation gown next year!


it’s Adam’s turn


the three of them


The Journey


Adam’s item


all done


waiting to be rescued from stage


mandatory family pic

SJCK Family Day Carnival 2016

We attended our 5th SJCK Family Day Carnival last Saturday. As usual, we checked out the food stalls before playing games and then heading to the Jumble Sale. I managed to get loads of goodies from the Jumble Sale – a vintage Pound Puppy, an Inside Out Anger toy, two pairs of Stride Rite shoes for David, and a pair of North Face boots for him as well! All for less than $30!

DSC06179 (600x400)

SJCK Family Day Carnival

DSC06113 (600x399)

lots of food

DSC06121 (400x600)

munch munch

DSC06125 (401x600)

some sliding game

DSC06128 (600x400)


DSC06134 (400x600)

knocking down the cans

DSC06145 (600x399)

beanbag tic tac toe

DSC06160 (399x600)

feeding the frog

DSC06167 (400x600)

looking for jewels

DSC06170 (399x600)

ring toss

DSC06182 (400x600)

choosing his prize

DSC06187 (400x600)

jumble sale

DSC06193 (600x400)

my loot from the jumble sale

Getting Ready for Primary 1

Anya’s going for her Primary One orientation next week. Can’t believe she’s only got a few days of school left in kindergarten and will be headed to Primary school in less than 2 months! The other day, I was telling her to cherish the time she had left with her classmates and she was also shocked to realise that she had so little time left with them and was quite upset and couldn’t sleep. Poor kid.

We headed to Smiggle to get her a new school bag and she chose one in blue because that’s her favourite colour. Some people say that Smiggle bags don’t last that long but I also hear that ergonomic bags are terribly heavy even without anything inside so I think this will work for now until we figure out something better. After all, it’s cute and quite affordable.

We also dropped by Bibi & Baba to get her school uniforms. She looks so different and so grown up in her new uniform. Where has my baby gone? She said the uniform is too loose but I think she just needs to get used to it. Pretty sure I’ll be in tears on the first day of school!

her school bag for next year

her school bag for next year

looking at all the blue stuff

looking at all the blue stuff

not in the mood for photos

not in the mood for photos

hand me those uniforms!

hand me those uniforms!

Now that Anya’s heading to Primary school and going to turn 7, I’ll probably not blog about her so much and I will also have fewer photos of her on the blog. Don’t think she’ll appreciate having all the details of her life on the blog for her new friends and their parents to stumble upon!

Anya’s Graduation Concert

I was a lot less emotional during Anya’s graduation concert than I thought I would be. It feels like such a short while ago that I blogged about her concert last year and now she has graduated! I cannot believe how fast she’s growing up.

Adrian dropped us at UCC really early on the day of the concert so he could go and get the rest of my family. Anya was literally the first kid to get there and we got her make-up done and managed to get some shots without random people in the background photobombing us.

at UCC

at UCC

before the show

before the show

We had pretty lousy seats near the back and I’m so thankful for my friends who helped to take photos of Anya. One friend was seated right in the first row and during Anya’s performance, I popped over and sat in her kid’s seat while he squeezed in with her for a bit. Really nice of her to do that. She knew how bummed I was about getting such terrible seats!

The concert was called ‘The Little Red Dots’ in line with SG50. Some of the children performed dances from the different ethnic groups and there was also a dance tribute to LKY. Anya’s class danced to ‘Home’ but her favourite was the ‘Ah Boys to Men’ dance where the kids wore cute little camouflage costumes.

Little Red Dots

Little Red Dots

graduation ceremony

graduation ceremony

getting her scroll

getting her scroll

her dance item

her dance item

this is Home, truly...

this is Home, truly…

where I know I must be...

where I know I must be…

where that river always flows...

where that river always flows…

she danced so well!

awesome performance!



I thought I would sob like a baby during her graduation ceremony and performance but was rather calm through it all. I’m so proud of her and it’s been marvellous watching her bloom in her 4 years in this kindergarten and I know there’s so much in store for her when she starts Primary school. Adam will be in K1 next year and it will be his turn to perform in the annual concert!

family photo

family photo

with some of her friends

with some of her friends

and the mums

and the mums

Open House 2015 – Adam’s Faces

Adam’s class did their project work on faces! They made many different kinds of faces such as balloon faces stuffed with flour, animal faces made of clay, paper thaumatrope faces, silhouette printing, papier mache faces, and so many more! The whole class worked together to make a giant face and they also put up a performance and they sang two action songs

Part of the Open House involved raising money for charity. In Adam’s class, there were some paintings on display that were painted by the students and these paintings were up for auction. We were admiring them and remarking that some of the kids could paint so well. Then we discovered that one of the pictures (of a yellow cat in a blue shirt) was done by Adam! We were pleasantly surprised because we weren’t aware that he had any artistic inclination. I’m sure he had a lot of help from his teachers but we were very proud of his work (and of course we bid for his painting).

giant face made by the entire class

giant face made by the entire class

thaumatrope faces

thaumatrope faces (facial features are on different sides and you are supposed to spin it to see the whole face)


Chinese opera masks

robot faces

robot faces


facial expressions

Adam's art piece

Adam’s art piece

Open House 2015 – Anya’s Puppets

Every year, the kids in nursery and up are given a theme for Project Work and they spend most of the year learning about and doing activities based on the theme. Each class is given a different theme and Anya’s class had Puppets.

Coincidentally, the National Museum had shadow puppet shows and puppet-making workshops as part of their programme for Masak Masak so we managed to learn a lot about puppets there and her project was based on what she did at the museum.

We were most impressed by the amount of effort put in by the students and teachers. There were so many different types of puppets on display. They even put up two performances: one in Chinese, and one in English. The puppets for the performance were all made by the students.

My favourite bit was a little book with a story written (in Chinese!) and illustrated by Anya. The story was about her baby brother running off to climb a mountain on his own and how every one had to run around looking frantically for him. She made a glove puppet to represent each member of the family in the story. Definitely a precious piece of work that I will be putting into her memory box!

Anya's project

Anya’s project

imagining a peacock puppt

imagining a peacock puppt

she made a blue puppet

she made a blue puppet

glove puppet

glove puppet

Primary 1 Registration for Anya


Phase 2A1

I can’t believe I have a kid going into Primary 1 next year! I know it’s a bit of a cliche to say this, but where did the time go? One moment she’s a squishy, fat baby, and the next moment I have a little girl who reads and writes and makes all sorts of smart ass sarcastic remarks. It truly takes my breath away.

I must admit I was a bit of a slacker about the whole registration process. I put together her birth certificate, our identity cards, her immunisation certificate and my alumni letter, but forgot to make photocopies of the documents. I also thought the alumni letter would be good enough and didn’t know that I might have to produce my report books and/ or PSLE certificate so I turned the house upside down the night before registration to look for those items.

I couldn’t sleep well the night before and even woke the husband up at 2 am (by tickling his feet) thinking that it was already 7 am! Then I woke up a few more times before it was actually time to get up. The husband dropped me at my beloved alma mater then took the kids to school before coming back again to join me. I got to the registration counter before 8 am and was 7th in line for Phase 2A1. While I was filling in the form, I started feeling so emotional thinking about how my daughter’s going to be wearing the same uniform I wore for 10 years, studying in the same campus.. *sniff!*

The lady at the counter was kind and friendly and we bantered for a bit while waiting for my documents to be photocopied. I told her I was surprised by the higher than usual number of spaces taken up at Phase 1 and she agreed that it was definitely more than what the school usually gets at that stage. The whole process went quite smoothly and, since I was so early, I was done very fast.

After the registration, we went to the canteen to eat. I will never cease to be amazed by the fact that I can buy noodles from the same auntie that I bought noodles from on my first day of school in Primary 1. So many warm fuzzy feelings in one morning!

Initially, I wasn’t nervous at all about Primary 1 registration. But when I saw the unusually high numbers for Phase 1 and read about another girls’ school that was likely to have to ballot at Phase 2A1, I starting worrying in earnest. I was on tenterhooks the rest of the day and only felt slightly better when Adrian texted me at 4pm to say that his friend’s wife’s friend was at the school and was number 59 and there was no one else in line. I did not breathe easy until 8 pm that night when the results for 2A1 were announced and we were safe.

To be honest, I would be devastated if my daughter could not attend the same school that her mother/ aunts/ grandaunts/ great-grandmother attended. Thank God her place is confirmed!