Walk Like An Egyptian!

The ancient Egyptians were fascinating. From the absolute power in the god-like Pharaohs to the awesome engineering of the pyramids and the mysteries of mummification, there is so much to discover and learn.


Is that you, Ramses?

Except that 6-year-olds couldn’t care less.

Enter the Horrible Histories team. 2 students wandering a museum accidentally release the spirit of Ramses II, who possesses the hapless curator and takes them on a side- splitting, rip-roaring 60 minute journey 3000 years back in time.

The action in Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians is non-stop, slapstick and thoroughly entertaining. The kids were out of their seats laughing and screaming with delight.

There was even something for the adults. My favourite scene was of Isis, wife of Osiris, wandering the land looking for the body parts of her dead husband which had been scattered throughout Egypt , singing “I have nobody, I need a hand…”

Awful Egyptians was both informative and a really, really good time. The kids and I can’t wait for the next instalment of Horrible Histories!

Fortunately, KidsFest 2017 is not over yet. You can still catch Romeo & Juliet Untold from 4-5 February and The Snail and The Whale from 9-12 February. Don’t miss these exciting shows!


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