Clip ‘n Climb at Our Tampines Hub

I generally find that activities for kids can be quite boring for adults. Clip ‘n Climb is an exception and I may even enjoy it more than the kids do. A quick tip: you can get a discount if you have a PAssion Card but the discount is only applicable for the cardholder so what we did was to use the PAssion Card to get a Savers Pass (10 climbs) and that’s not much more than the $122 (5 x guest price, 1 x PA price) we would have had to pay for the 5 of us, but we get double the number of climbs.

There’s no minimum age and any kid above 10kg can climb, but I feel it’s more suitable for kids above 4. D is above 10 kg but he was not willing to climb any of the walls. So with the exception of D, we all had a lot of fun (despite their expression in the last photo) and decided to book a room there for Anya’s birthday party. Will let the (many, many) pictures do the talking.


Clip ‘n Climb


safety briefing


Anya on the ladder


Adam on the Big Cheese


one of my favourite structures


reminds me of Tetris


rolling around on the floor, refusing to climb


still not climbing


we call this the Elsa ice wall


face-to-face climbing


the husband had fun too


disregard Anya’s expression


Clip ‘n Climb
HomeTeamNS Tampines
51 Tampines Ave 4
#03-03 Our Tampines Hub
Singapore 529684


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