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Blossom Beats Floral Display at Gardens by the Bay

It’s sakura season in Japan but we are stuck here in Singapore and it’s so HOT! So what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to escape to the refreshingly cool Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay for their Blossom Beats floral display? This beautiful display is on for a limited time only and ends this Sunday. It’s also super popular and the queues are quite daunting so go early or buy your tickets online before heading down.

DSC08496 (600x400)

lovely photo spot

DSC08509 (399x600)

view from above, spot the cosplayers

DSC08507 (400x600)

Adrian and David

DSC08500 (400x600)

close-up of some blossoms

DSC08525 (600x400)

David was very interested in the drum

DSC08554 (400x600)

such pretty flowers

DSC08537 (399x600)

pointing at random flowers

DSC08549 (600x400)

even the leaves are nice to look at!

DSC08566 (400x600)

tulip magnolias

DSC08579 (401x600)

cosplayers galore

DSC08594 (399x600)

fluffy blooms

DSC08580 (600x399)

Torii gate


Atlas Coffeehouse

I used to love checking out new cafes every now and then but these days I like to stick with the tried and tested. We made an exception for Atlas Coffeehouse because it’s along Bt Timah Rd and the location is rather convenient for us. Since then we’ve been back quite a few times and I find myself there at least once a week since it’s near where I work as well.

The menu is small and most of the items are pretty decent. The waffles are always a good option if you’re not sure what to order. I like the coffee but the standard varies and it can be a little too bitter sometimes. The place can get cramped especially when people insist on pushing their giant prams in instead of leaving them outside. They do have a good number of baby highchairs but no child-friendly cutlery. The food comes quite quickly, even when it’s crowded and Atlas tends to fill up after 10 am on weekends.

DSC07576 (600x399)

Atlas Coffeehouse

DSC07548 (600x400)

flat white

DSC07559 (600x400)

salted caramel waffle

DSC07567 (600x400)

big breakfast and latte

DSC07592 (600x400)

the kids

Atlas Coffeehouse
6 Duke’s Rd
Singapore 268886
6314 2674
Hours: 8 am – 7 pm (Closed on Mondays)

SJCK Family Day Carnival 2016

We attended our 5th SJCK Family Day Carnival last Saturday. As usual, we checked out the food stalls before playing games and then heading to the Jumble Sale. I managed to get loads of goodies from the Jumble Sale – a vintage Pound Puppy, an Inside Out Anger toy, two pairs of Stride Rite shoes for David, and a pair of North Face boots for him as well! All for less than $30!

DSC06179 (600x400)

SJCK Family Day Carnival

DSC06113 (600x399)

lots of food

DSC06121 (400x600)

munch munch

DSC06125 (401x600)

some sliding game

DSC06128 (600x400)


DSC06134 (400x600)

knocking down the cans

DSC06145 (600x399)

beanbag tic tac toe

DSC06160 (399x600)

feeding the frog

DSC06167 (400x600)

looking for jewels

DSC06170 (399x600)

ring toss

DSC06182 (400x600)

choosing his prize

DSC06187 (400x600)

jumble sale

DSC06193 (600x400)

my loot from the jumble sale

Gardens by the Bay Children’s Festival

After watching Disney on Ice, we rushed to Gardens by the Bay to enjoy some of their Children’s Festival activities and performances! We got there just in time to watch Rainbows in the Water, a water play performance based on the classic story of The Rainbow Fish. We were seated quite far back in the sheltered area of the Children’s Garden so we didn’t have a good view of the performance but it looked super fun and colourful from where we were.

We also managed to catch Fairy Galaxy at the Supertree Grove. This performance of Cinderella was set in the future with psychedelic costumes and the kids really enjoyed it. There were many other exciting activities and performances that we didn’t get to check out since we were in a rush but here’s the schedule for the festival that ends this weekend!

DSC07311 (399x600)

hiding from the heat!

DSC07321 (399x600)

time for a picnic

DSC07343 (600x400)

water play performance: Rainbows in the Water

DSC07360 (600x400)

the colourful cast

DSC07373 (400x600)

with the mascot

DSC07395 (400x600)

waiting for Fairytale Galaxy to start

DSC07404 (399x600)

still chomping on the snacks from the picnic basket

DSC07433 (399x600)

stepmother and one of the stepsisters

DSC07448 (600x400)

Cinderella’s Fairy God-Robot!

DSC07523 (600x400)

happily ever after?

DSC07528 (600x400)

rushing to get glow sticks from the cast

For more information and some amazing photos, check out the post by Life’s Tiny Miracles and these albums by A Million Little Echoes and A Juggling Mom!

Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival

We took the kids to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival and they had such a good time! We got there a bit earlier so we could check out the merchandise and get some food from the concession stand. The candy floss sold with an Olaf hat was a hot favourite as was the huge popcorn bucket.

DSC06197 (401x600)

the singing Programme man

DSC06201 (400x600)

Olaf hat and candy floss

DSC06203 (399x600)

ladies in waiting

DSC06202 (600x400)

loads of toys to buy

DSC06211 (600x400)

none of the kids are looking at the camera

While the highlight for most of the kids in the audience was Frozen (clearly evident from the number of little girls in Elsa and Anna costumes), my favourite segment was The Little Mermaid. Ariel and Prince Eric were absolutely brilliant when executing the stunts on the ice and Ariel’s aerial acrobatics brought the performance up an extra notch.

David was mesmerised by Maximus the horse and the floating lanterns in Tangled and I was amazed by the fact that the rear end of the horse could skate so well. Kudos to Rapunzel for her graceful skating even with the heavy weight of her long long hair! The performance of Be Our Guest in Beauty & the Beast was a crowd-pleaser and the transformation of the Beast into a prince was nicely executed.

When Sven and Kristoff appeared on the ice, the crowd went wild. The energy level palpably increased and the kids (and the adults too) were happily singing along. Without a doubt, Elsa was the most popular character and her energetic skating to Let it Go was the ideal climax to a wonderful show. Frozen is simply perfect for Disney On Ice and should not be missed!

D33_20120907_25885-Edit (600x480)

The Little Mermaid

D33_20120906_00627-Edit (1) (480x600)


D33_20120907_01542-Edit (600x480)

Beauty & the Beast

DSC07003 (399x600)

really excited about Frozen

DSC07113 (600x400)

Olaf dreaming about summer

D34_20140903_03243-edit (600x480)


11 – 20 March
Venue:  Singapore Indoor Stadium
PERFORMANCE TIMES: Fri, 11/ 18 Mar: 7pm; Sat-Sun, 12-13/ 19 Mar: 11am, 3pm, 7pm; Thu, 17 Mar: 7pm; Sun, 20 Mar: 11am, 3pm.
PHONE: +65 3158 7888
IN PERSON AT:   Singapore Indoor Stadium

Old is Gold at Yasashii Trading

The sister and I spotted Yasashii Trading from a distance while out looking for food at Alexandra Village and I practically sprinted over to the shop in excitement. I love second-hand, retro, and nostalgic items and can spend hours browsing shops like Hock Siong & Co., Junkie’s Corner (Turf Club Rd) and The Heritage Shop (Jln Sultan).

Several items caught my eye while we were there and I eventually left with an enamel pot and some 锻炼身体 ping pong bowls and spoon.I like that there are price tags on the items so you don’t have to worry about the people charging you based on what they think you’re willing to pay. You also get a slight discount if you buy a few items.

We were in a bit of a rush that day so I couldn’t browse at leisure. Need to make another trip there soon and then hop on over to the food centre for their awesome avocado drink.

20160305_125402 (399x600)

look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?

20160305_124907 (400x600)

look at this trove, treasures untold

20160305_125623 (400x600)

how many wonders can one cavern hold?

20160305_124434 (400x600)

gadgets and gizmos a plenty

20160305_125528 (400x600)

whozits and whatzits galore

20160305_125149 (600x400)

you want thingamabobs?

20160305_124749 (399x600)


Yasashii Trading
123 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-114
Singapore 150123
Mon-Sat 11am-8pm.