Monthly Archives: June 2010

Happy birthday to me!

I turned 30 yesterday. It was an interesting day. We had breakfast in Melbourne, lunch somewhere 11000m up in the air and dinner in Singapore. We ate at Sakura, the Thai-Chinese restaurant. We had tom yum seafood soup, pineapple rice, sambal kang kong and hot plate black pepper beef. My idea of comfort food. Then we went home and had a minor blackout and, while waiting for the electrician, Adrian sang me the birthday song and we shared some cake.

Thanks to everyone who remembered. :)

Reflections for Anya’s Fifteenth Month

You are 15 months old! I’m going to have to do a very short, messy post because I’m squeezing it in before breakfast in Brasilia. It’s probably dinnertime for you back in Singapore! :(

It has been a very exciting month for you. You went to Macau with your grandparents, grandaunt and uncle and had tons of fun there. Your parents missed you like crazy back in Singapore.

in front of the ruins of St. Paul

The day after you came back, we embarked on the first of our series of museum visits! We popped over to the Old Ford Factory and after seeing how much you enjoyed yourself there, we also brought you to Bt Chandu, the Peranakan Museum and the Singapore Art Museum.

checking the museum stamp on your arm

You decided to take your first steps this month and I’m so happy!! I was getting a wee bit worried since your cousins both walked before their first birthday and I kept seeing other kids who looked smaller than you toddling around. Since then, you have improved a lot and I hope you’ll be steady enough to chase after the seagulls when we go to Melbourne!

with sofia from church who’s just 9 days younger

practising your walking at the airport

You had a rather traumatic incident this month when your father fed you ate some chili by accident. You cried and screamed like crazy and it was very hard to calm you down or even to offer you some relief!

You attended Uncle Nick’s graduation this month and had fun taking photos with him. I’m very glad that your uncle is all grown up and about to go into the army!

We went to Malacca this month and it’s the 2nd time for you. You were much better in the drive up and back this time round but you were rather whiny and demanding when we were there! Sometimes I worry that you are way too spoilt for your own good but I’m still going to try my best to discipline you even if everyone else is spoiling you to bits!

at the fort

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time away from you this month and I hate that! I had to attend a 3D2N camp for work and now I’m in Brazil and haven’t seen you for 5 days and won’t be able to see you for another 4! I was so, so sad when I had to say bye to you at the airport especially when you got upset when you realised I was leaving and going somewhere without you.

at the airport

I think you are the funniest little baby and I love how you try to amuse the people around you with your antics. I love how you smile in such a cheeky way. I love how sociable you are and how you are always waving to other kids and random strangers. I love your messy hair in the morning and your obsession with food. I love the way you hug me and the way you plant wet little kisses on my face.

you in the morning

perusing the menu

goofing off with a xiao mantou on your nose

I love everything about you. I can’t say this enough: You are loved!