Best Duck Ever!

After Tower of London, we popped by Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern and also took some photos of St Paul’s Cathedral before going to Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant┬áin Chinatown for their famed roast duck. It’s seriously the BEST roast duck I’ve ever had. So tender and delicious and amazing. Just thinking about the duck is making me drool. It seems that they have a branch in Bangkok! I wonder if it’s any good.

With three little kids in tow, we decided that we’d better make reservations instead of queuing so there was a fixed per head sum that we had to make a minimum order of. Most of the dishes were okay but all paled in comparison to the duck (hence there are no pictures of the other dishes). As soon as we were done eating, the infamous slices of oranges appeared on our table, silently insinuating that it was time for us to clear off and let some other customers have our table!

Four Seasons Chinese Resturant

Four Seasons Chinese Resturant

duck of awesomeness

duck of awesomeness

oranges of dismissal

oranges of dismissal


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