Egg Carton Christmas Wreath

I saw some egg cartons at my mum’s place the other day and immediately pounced on them. She gave me a funny look and said she was planning to throw them out! I decided to look for something Christmassy I could make with the egg cartons and found this DIY Egg Carton Wreath. I’m a bit embarrassed to link to it, to be honest, because mine looks nothing like it!

So I cut up a box using some cookie tins and cut up the egg carton into leaves and flowers. It’s really hard to cut egg cartons! My hand was aching after one so I gave up and didn’t cut up the other one, hence my wreath is somewhat lacking in flowers.

the tools and materials

the tools and materials

all cut up

all cut up

final product

final product

Here are some other Christmas wreaths made by craftier mummies:

A Juggling Mom
A Pancake Princess
MalMal Our Inspiration


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