Daily Archives: December 12, 2010

Just for Fun: Matching Outfits!

Anya (in a post-nap daze) and me (dressed up to look like Anya)

big hug!


Hello Kitty Meet and Greet at Isetan Scotts!

My aunt told me about the Sanrio Christmas Fair at the Isetan Scotts Event Hall so I went to check it out last Thursday. Didn’t buy anything from the fair (although I did get a Hello Kitty keyboard from the toy department) but was quite excited to see that there were going to be three sessions of Hello Kitty Meet and Greet on Saturday and 30 people could take a photo with Hello Kitty at each session.

I didn’t know how long the queue was going to be but Anya and I took a bus down and got there about half an hour before the first session at 1pm. We were no. 5 in the queue. The woman in the queue after us was a hardcore Hello Kitty fan. She had the following Hello Kitty items on her: t-shirt, jeans, Crocs shoes, watch, earrings, hair clip and bag. Anya was just wearing her H&M Hello Kitty denim overall (a present from Auntie Angie and Uncle Nav) and she had Hello Kitty Jibbitz on her Crocs.

The Hello Kitty mascot looked a bit strange because the limbs were too long and I thought that Anya might be frightened but she LOVED the Hello Kitty mascot! She happily sat on Hello Kitty’s lap, hugged Hello Kitty and said ‘bye bye’ many times. After we left Isetan Scotts and were headed to Wheelock Place, she kept wanting to go back to see Hello Kitty and didn’t want to walk with me!! She was quite upset when I told her that Hello Kitty was tired and needed to sleep. Haha…

trying to chope a place for the meet and greet

“AHH!! I’m so excited!!”

a serious shot with Hello Kitty

bye bye kitty!