How To Catch A Star

We love books by Oliver Jeffers so I rushed to get tickets for How to Catch a Star when they were released. I wasn’t sure initially if I should buy 2 or 3 tickets because I didn’t know if Adam would appreciate the show (and the tickets weren’t exactly cheap) but I’m so glad I decided to bring them both because the production was worth every cent.

Before the performance, the cast members interacted with the members of the audience and asked some of the kids for their names, which were later used in the show. I loved how the show brought the book to life with lively music, comical sound effects and skillful puppetry. It was fun, humourous, interactive and the physical comedy was very appealing to the younger kids.

The kids were really into the show and responded enthusiastically to the interactive parts of the performance. I was especially gratified to see Adam enjoying himself. I must confess that I sometimes leave him out and only take Anya to watch a show because I am somewhat sceptical about his level of understanding and appreciation. I think he’s proven that he deserves some credit!

the Boy mingling with the audience before the show

the Boy mingling with the audience before the show

picture with the cast after the show

picture with the cast after the show

The kids are raring to catch the other shows being brought in by ABA productions and the next one is Hairy Maclary & Friends in October. I’m very keen on A Midsummer Night’s Dream in November because that was my O-Levels Literature text!

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