Daily Archives: August 11, 2011

Amazonia at Great World City

Some of my friends wanted to meet up on Sunday and they kindly agreed to go to Amazonia, an indoor play centre at Great World City, so that I could sit down comfortably and the kids could run around. As compared to the other indoor play centres that we have been to, I would say that Amazonia has the most well-equipped toddler play area and the best menu. The food is not cheap but it’s pretty good, and not just finger food like sandwiches. The menu also includes pizza, pasta and desserts and I had a yummy linguine carbonara. The place is also not as crowded as the other indoor playgrounds (for the time being).

Anya had a lot of fun playing in the ball pit, sliding down the 8m wave slide and jumping on the trampoline in the 2 hours that we were at Amazonia and we definitely want to bring her there again! I think the best thing about the play centre is that it’s located in a proper shopping centre and not in some ulu place so we can still shop for groceries/run errands/eat before or after we play. It’s $20 for 2 hours of play for kids 3 months – 3 years old and $30 for 3 – 12 years old.

slam dunk in the ball pit

making their way up to the big slide


Alex looking very happy

Sophia in the toddler play area

only picture of Anya standing still: angry bird shirt!

burying the strange man hiding in the ball pit

one final slide before going home