Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

Roadhouse at Dempsey

We had brunch at Roadhouse on Saturday afternoon. I like having brunch in a place with lots of natural light and I thought the food was pretty good. My Eggs Benedict was yummy and I enjoyed the S’more Ice Cream Cake. Debs felt that her Roadhouse Ultimate Breakfast wasn’t satisfying enough though. I think if she’s really looking for satisfaction, she should take The Terminator Challenge and finish the Terminator burger, which comes with 5 Wagyu beef patties (1kg of meat!), in 20 minutes. ;)


inside Roadhouse

Wall of Fame for Terminator Challenge

chalkboard menu

grinning kid

Eggs Benedict

Roadhouse Ultimate Breakfast

Eggs Royale

Fluffy Pancakes

S'more Ice Cream Cake

Marshmallow Brownie

Anya at Abrakadoodle: Nature Doodle

sharing about her piece

Nature Doodle

For her Abrakadoodle class on Saturday, Anya made a Nature Doodle. Using bits of leaves, flowers and sticks, the kids came up with pictures of things in nature and used coloured sand to fill in the background. So Anya had a tree, some grass, a dragonfly and a stick insect (according to Adrian) in her picture. I think she enjoyed this session because of the sand but I can’t imagine doing this at home because the sand gets everywhere and cleaning up would be quite a nightmare! When she’s developed better hand-eye coordination, she’ll probably enjoy working on the sand art kits (the ones where bits of wax paper are peeled off a sticky picture) that she can do in the shopping centres where someone else is in charge of cleaning up. :)