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Changi Village Getaway Day 2

On National Day, we went for a swim in the morning then took the ferry over to Pulau Ubin for lunch. Since we couldn’t cycle or even walk around a lot, we didn’t spend all that much time there. Then, Anya had her nap while Adrian and I took turns to each have a massage at The Retreat. I really enjoyed my 60-min session, especially since my lower back was aching quite badly. After Adrian was done with his massage, we took a stroll down to the beach so that Anya could dig in the sand for a bit before we went to pack food (Adrian bought nasi lemak and otak and I had a super yummy chicken chop hor fun)¬†from the food centre back to the hotel to watch the parade on TV.

the pool

nice view of the sea

bye bye, Changi Point!

on the boat

hello, Pulau Ubin!


it's very green there

back to the ferry

massage time

hanging out with her friends in the window

Changi Beach

Anya digs sand

watching the parade

Changi Village Getaway Day 1

We stayed at the Changi Village Hotel over the National Day break and had a good time exploring the neighbourhood. The room was simple but decent (although the bed’s quite hard!) and Anya’s favourite bit of the room was the window that stuck out of the room like a balcony. We didn’t do very much on the first day. After we checked in, Anya and I had a nap while Adrian went to meet a client. Then we took a very short walk and had a yummy dinner of beef kway teow, char kway teow and satay at Changi Village Food Centre.

Changi Village Hotel

our little room

relaxing in the window

time for a walk!

Changi Point

the boats

very good beef kway teow

juicy sticks of satay