Krishnan’s Dairy

Adrian and I went to watch Krishnan’s Dairy at DBS Arts Centre on Friday. We laughed our heads off because it was so funny but it was terribly touching as well. Krishnan’s Dairy is about an Indian couple running a corner grocery store (dairy) in New Zealand and also the love story behind the Taj Mahal.

One very talented guy plays all the characters and performs the music too. He switches from one character to the next so effortlessly that you forget there is just one man. It’s such a heartwarming play and is the perfect show to watch with someone who doesn’t like theatre because he thinks it’s all arty farty rubbish (I’m speaking of Adrian, of course).


2 thoughts on “Krishnan’s Dairy

  1. Shirley

    Hi Delphine, I am gonna steal your idea for my date with my husband tonight! Thanks for sharing and you save me from cracking my brains!

    So it’s dinner at Shunjuu followed by the play “Krishnan’s Dairy” :P


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