Farewell Old School: Remembering MGS at Mt Sophia

The lease for Old School is ending this month and a farewell ceremony was held on Sunday for old MGS girls to go back and say goodbye. I studied at Mt Sophia in Primary 1 and 2 before the primary school was moved to Balestier while we waited for Blackmore Drive to be built. But I went back to Mt Sophia every Saturday for GB until I was in Primary 6 and I have many fond memories of that place.

So I visited the old school with my aunts who were both from MGS and we brought the kids along. It was a great experience walking around the different nooks and corners that hold such meaning for us.

Old School

the newer block that my classroom was in

numerous Saturday mornings spent sliding here

SOS and goodbye notes

I have so many memories of Mt Sophia. I remember sitting in the round seats reading an English passage and waiting for my turn during English oral. I remember getting my elbow stuck in one of the mushroom-shaped holes in the wall and crying my eyes out. The teacher had to lift me up, chair and all, to free me. I remember getting my daily packet of milk under the milk scheme. I remember our countless games of catching in the quadrangle. I remember the weekly GB parades and the camps we had there.

revisiting the round seats

a hole like the one my elbow was stuck in

the bridge linking us to the older blocks

I remember going to the secondary school hall at the clock tower block every year for our GB enrolment service. And of course, I remember the twice-a-year visits to the dental clinic below the secondary school classrooms. My aunt showed Anya where she used to hang out and talk with her friends.

the clock tower

where the dental clinic and principal’s office could be found

visiting my aunt’s old classroom

When we were done at the old blocks, we walked down to the quadrangle to wait for the farewell ceremony to begin. I managed to catch up with some friends there and took photos with Mrs Anna Tham who was principal for 7 out of my 10 years in MGS and with Mrs Tay Poh Imm who was my GB captain (and now she’s Brigade president!).

steps down to the canteen

one of my favourite places in the school

with Mrs Anna Tham

with Yi-Leen, Mrs Tay and Stephanie

We didn’t stay till the end of the ceremony because it was just too hot and stuffy in the quadrangle and the kids were getting really cranky. But I’m glad we went back and that I got to show Anya some of the history of the school that she will be part of in a few years’ time! And oh, you can see me in the news broadcast. :)

the school flag about to be marched in

the farewell ceremony in the quadrangle

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